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The start of all good companies starts with a back story. Our back story started in 2003 when a former athlete that Michael coached called and offered us the chance to time a meet for a local high school where she lived. That was the 1st Annual Beach Run Invitational and we have grown from that one meet to working meets all over the region for middle schools, high schools, and colleges. One meet to 30+ meets in 12 years. It has been a learning experience and we learn new tricks everyday so that we can provide the best service we can.

Michael Elkins has been a part of it from the begin while sharing time with coaching duties at Lee High School and teaching. He has amassed a great knowledge of running a meet from the timing side to the Meet Director side and many other roles.

Brett Collins was the help when not in class in college and in 2010, officially made Network Timing and from there he has learned the ins and outs of timing and meet management. As a former runner of Lee High while under the coaching of Michael, they share ideas of how things work from both sides of the timing table as coach, runner, and officials.

Michael and Gary bought the business in late 2015 and developed it into an LLC which is fully insured for your piece of mind.

In the background we have a great support system with our families that help with timing and starting races. There are many long nights and they have kept us going and even kept us awake on those long drives.

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